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Carpe Diem Trading, Inc

Used Clothing and Shoes Direct Supplier from Los Angeles , California, U.S.A

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About Us

We have supplied used clothes to our reliable customers in the Middle East, Europe, and South American countries. We have also serviced African countries in the North and South. We want to establish East and West African markets such as Uganda, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana, Ivory Coast, etc

Our main goal is to make sure that we sell the right product that is saleable within your market and to work hard in keeping you as our client for a long time. We try to make sure that all bales have 100% of wearable without holes or damage stains. Plant teams are trained to ensure that there are no holes or stains. Besides this we also have an outstanding service team. 

will also let you give specific instruction on any future changes to sorting or grading and what you prefer. This is given to the plant supervisor to ensure that future grading is tailored to your needs. Every effort is made to keep our prices extremely competitive without sacrificing the quality. 


Getting it done and having it right the first time is our ultimate goal. Expect quality used clothes that is carefully sorted and graded to ensure that proper products are prepared for the quality oriented African and worldwide markets. 
Our facilities are guided to ensure that they meet the right standards for clothes. It is difficult to understand what you are getting, especially when everyone says that his or her product is better. What they forget is that it is used clothes (second-hand clothes). It really matters on the raw material, sorting and grading methods and production. 


The plants make sure that the products are bought from sources that have the highest disposable rates. This means that certain US markets like European markets tend to wear their clothes until they are fully worn. This will give your African markets poor quality. We make sure that our raw material has the highest yield of good products and everything we get is from North America. We found that the North American market disposes their clothes faster, since retail prices are far lower than Europe and people tend to wear their clothes less. Since we give our African markets first priority, we concentrate on cool clothes. We also make sure that these items aren't from another used clothes plant. 
We check that the quality that comes in is of superior quality and from areas that have extremely less wear. After the shipment arrives, the supervised plant staff carefully and efficiently sorts and grades the products into various selections. A second grader checks the clothes for any holes or stains. That's not where it stops, a supervisor double checks that the quality is maintained. 


All our plants use high-density balers and that alone ensures the bales are condensed properly, professional strapped and proper rectangular to ensure that they take up little space in your store or warehouse. This is important for loading containers. Each bale is carefully put together so that your clients, who buy in bales, simply can judge by looking at the bale. The bales are wrapped with translucent shipping plastic material to ensure they are kept the proper way and to avoid tears and best of all your clients can see the clothes and their colors. Standard bales are 100 lbs. (45 kg). We can bale them for 120 lbs. (55 kg) or giant bales of 1000 lbs. (455 kg). Remember, we can virtually accommodate any requirements. Assuming you have clients that buy in assorted packs.

Generally you can fit in a container up to 50,000 lbs. by law. Sometimes containers are filled up to 57,000 lbs. Or 570 bales of 100 lbs. ea. 

Standard bale is 100 lbs. (45 kg.)
Also available for same price:
120 lbs. (55 kg.)
175 lbs. (80 kg.)

Container Loading (+/-)for 100 lb. bales. 
40 ft. Container = 560 bales
20 ft. Container = 300 bales

Since the facilities are located close to the ports, you can look forward to competitive shipping rates. You are welcome to use your own freight forwarder or our customer service can assist you. If you are a frequent computer user, you will love our computer tracking system. It will keep you informed with your shipment from the time you place your order. We don't forget our clients once they pay us. We strive on a lasting friendship.

Insurance cost? 
This may vary. We can quote to you or you can get this. It can vary from $150 for a 40 ft. container to $1,200. Depends on the criteria. We do recommend some sort of insurance to help keep an eye on the shipment.

In general Western African countries all require BIVAC. We will help you organize this if needed (type of inspection to insure the products integrity). SGS is broadly known worldwide, they are similar to BIVAC in many cases. They will generally confirm the shipping and container loading.

In fumigation? 
Most containers have this done automatically to avoid insects inside the containers